ftoomschb: Paraglider in Ulster Cty, NY
ftoomschb: The Look
ftoomschb: Paradox I
ftoomschb: Narnia
ftoomschb: Sunset on Peach Hill
ftoomschb: Lilies in the Garden, FDR Estate
ftoomschb: Round and round
ftoomschb: Garden Street, Poughkeepsie
ftoomschb: B&W or color?
ftoomschb: Protect Your Magic
ftoomschb: Track 39
ftoomschb: On a blue day. Manhattan.
ftoomschb: Reflection in Manhattan
ftoomschb: Spinning in Infinity
ftoomschb: Moondance
ftoomschb: Cage
ftoomschb: Bump
ftoomschb: Flower Power
ftoomschb: Happy Holidays to My Flickr Friends :)
ftoomschb: In the Woods
ftoomschb: Fiery Autumn in Tannersville, NY
ftoomschb: Outside Influence
ftoomschb: Sometimes it ain't so pretty.
ftoomschb: Painted Lady. #photography #portraitphotography #nyc #javitscenter #photoexpo #artislife
ftoomschb: Supermoon
ftoomschb: Flowers in Gray
ftoomschb: Evening on the River
ftoomschb: Cool Rose
ftoomschb: Long Sands Beach
ftoomschb: Unplugged