sight.wise: Backlight
sight.wise: bats in a tree
sight.wise: Where Castro and Gorbatschow slept
sight.wise: Evening Glow
sight.wise: Urban Ritual
sight.wise: Sun chosen
sight.wise: Legend of the 70s
sight.wise: Logging on a smaller scale
sight.wise: Touching the Sky
sight.wise: Kreuzberg - where else
sight.wise: It's Festival of Lights time again
sight.wise: Dropped
sight.wise: Stacked
sight.wise: Crossing
sight.wise: Harvest of this summer
sight.wise: Ready for action
sight.wise: rain, but don't flood
sight.wise: Come fly with me
sight.wise: Ready to harvest
sight.wise: "This is just the garage", he said
sight.wise: In the farthest corner
sight.wise: Colors of summer
sight.wise: Sleepless in Berlin
sight.wise: Open or not to open?
sight.wise: Tiny sunset
sight.wise: Another puddle-picture
sight.wise: In parts
sight.wise: On the way back
sight.wise: Living and parking in a row
sight.wise: Workplace - abandoned