Franco-Iannello: waiting, information, connection
Franco-Iannello: solitude and indifference
Franco-Iannello: Beyond the tunnel
Franco-Iannello: reflexes
Franco-Iannello: As an extraterrestrial
Franco-Iannello: alleys from the world
Franco-Iannello: reflections and shadows.
Franco-Iannello: eyes that look
Franco-Iannello: waiting for summer
Franco-Iannello: A body, a soul
Franco-Iannello: A painting the Sunset
Franco-Iannello: Memory is our future
Franco-Iannello: opposite direction
Franco-Iannello: Eiffel Tower
Franco-Iannello: Architecture
Franco-Iannello: restaurant cabin
Franco-Iannello: There is always a sunset.
Franco-Iannello: Arms to the sky
Franco-Iannello: An autumn night
Franco-Iannello: just a moment.
Franco-Iannello: Lights in the night
Franco-Iannello: New life
Franco-Iannello: The columns of life
Franco-Iannello: Orchid Mantis
Franco-Iannello: Deadly trap
Franco-Iannello: reflections and memories
Franco-Iannello: three elements