FlorinC: LIC, NY
FlorinC: Stairs, industrialized.
FlorinC: Night On The Quensboro Bridge
FlorinC: Tunnel Vision
FlorinC: Under Construction
FlorinC: Blup!
FlorinC: Straight Down The Middle
FlorinC: Under The Bridge Uptown
FlorinC: Up The Irons
FlorinC: Not A Ghost Town
FlorinC: It Doesn't Get Any More New York Than This
FlorinC: In The Belly Of The 59th St. Bridge
FlorinC: Balconies. Lots Of'Em.
FlorinC: Posing For Hope
FlorinC: Don't Get So Bent Out Of Shape
FlorinC: Turn Left...Now!
FlorinC: Big Boy
FlorinC: Mudslush
FlorinC: House On The Hill
FlorinC: Bridge Is Out
FlorinC: It Did Make A Noise
FlorinC: Autumn's Signature
FlorinC: ESB Downloading
FlorinC: At The Mouth
FlorinC: Do Not Enter
FlorinC: I Wanna Be Like The Cool Kids, Too!
FlorinC: Lectra City
FlorinC: I'll Be Right Down
FlorinC: Going Down
FlorinC: Grilling At Night