ClaraDon: Gardenia Love
ClaraDon: Kissing Cousins and....Best Friends
ClaraDon: The Watchful Robin
ClaraDon: Happiness flower
ClaraDon: Mom's Flowers
ClaraDon: Say Cheese..............
ClaraDon: Zoey.......The Watch Dog....relaxing
ClaraDon: Beth laughing
ClaraDon: Bird in my Sunset
ClaraDon: 5 yr old Bethie, learning to skate
ClaraDon: Gentle Tulips in Bloom
ClaraDon: I caught the lizard for you......
ClaraDon: Magnolia's in Portland, OR
ClaraDon: Hey Honey, is this Pretty or What
ClaraDon: My creation
ClaraDon: My creation
ClaraDon: My creation
ClaraDon: Soaring
ClaraDon: Don't argue with me.....we are sharing this post
ClaraDon: Out of the Blue
ClaraDon: Evening Moon
ClaraDon: Zoey - Watching the fire for us
ClaraDon: On Top of the World
ClaraDon: A Ring of Craters
ClaraDon: Daughter Chrissy, and her four kids
ClaraDon: The Great DUC Hibiscus Lizard
ClaraDon: Zoey...Playing with her Christmas toy
ClaraDon: Christmas Moon