ClaraDon: A hazy sun...sliding lower, and lower........
ClaraDon: Looking in on an Amaryllis
ClaraDon: Gold tones of a setting sun.
ClaraDon: Lovely Amaryllis
ClaraDon: Zoey roaming in Clara's garden
ClaraDon: Blooming Amaryllis
ClaraDon: Sweet Gardenia
ClaraDon: Setting sun through the young Maple tree
ClaraDon: Beautiful Amaryllis
ClaraDon: In the shade of a spreading Oak tree
ClaraDon: Lizard
ClaraDon: Moon & Venus..and
ClaraDon: The large pink Hibiscus
ClaraDon: Bright Blue Moon
ClaraDon: Moon crater
ClaraDon: Happiness flower
ClaraDon: Bright almost full moon
ClaraDon: Gardenia Love
ClaraDon: Blue Moon Thursday May 31st
ClaraDon: The Blue Moon has Arrived
ClaraDon: Fly on the Gardenia
ClaraDon: Sweet Gardenia
ClaraDon: Bougainvilla Peeking
ClaraDon: After the Shower
ClaraDon: Pink Rapture
ClaraDon: The Little White Flowers of the Scarlet Bougainvilla
ClaraDon: Clubhouse & Wishing Well
ClaraDon: Double Rainbow
ClaraDon: Zoey through sunglasses
ClaraDon: Backyard Pond