ClaraDon: Amaryllis in Bloom
ClaraDon: Zoey
ClaraDon: A Heron...trying to decide
ClaraDon: Monarch up close
ClaraDon: Beth laughing
ClaraDon: Keeping up with the pack
ClaraDon: Impatiens Swirl
ClaraDon: Bougainvillea, the sunshine after the rain.
ClaraDon: Love the Colors
ClaraDon: What a spin she's in
ClaraDon: I know I'm beautiful....thanks for noticing!
ClaraDon: Caught an Otter ......didn't mean to
ClaraDon: The Space Shuttle Returns
ClaraDon: 4 year old Ashley in deep thought
ClaraDon: Moonglow
ClaraDon: Jeremiah and his Pal the dancing Elmo
ClaraDon: Coming in with the shuttle
ClaraDon: Sunset on the lake
ClaraDon: Copy Cat Pixilated
ClaraDon: Beth Collage
ClaraDon: Lighthouse Island Reflection
ClaraDon: Setting sun through the young Maple tree
ClaraDon: 33 Star Flag
ClaraDon: Caught in Flight.After
ClaraDon: Lantana.....after the Sunshower
ClaraDon: Panorama
ClaraDon: A Heron Waiting for Sunset
ClaraDon: An Olive....taking a plunge
ClaraDon: Looking in on an Amaryllis
ClaraDon: Gold tones of a setting sun.