flavorful_quark: winding road
flavorful_quark: into the woods
flavorful_quark: big cock
flavorful_quark: Cowboy Bar
flavorful_quark: mailboxes
flavorful_quark: country road
flavorful_quark: country field
flavorful_quark: mountain stream
flavorful_quark: Conoco cowboy
flavorful_quark: ride the champion
flavorful_quark: Polaroid Spectra film (front)
flavorful_quark: Working class heroes. 19/20
flavorful_quark: What I want to be when I grow up. 16/20
flavorful_quark: Dream on. 18/20
flavorful_quark: It ain't what you do, it's how you do it. 13/20
flavorful_quark: When life gives you lemons. 12/20
flavorful_quark: You had to be there. 10/20
flavorful_quark: The hunt for Bigfoot. 11/20
flavorful_quark: When they're not on display, store them safely away. 10/10
flavorful_quark: Don't spoil your scene. Keep your rollers clean. 2/10
flavorful_quark: Here are 8 wishes. Use them wisely. 1/20
flavorful_quark: Cyan Monochrome
flavorful_quark: Lucky 8 Edition
flavorful_quark: Impossible by Nigo
flavorful_quark: Pigeonhole Edition
flavorful_quark: GO APE! (Impossible for BAPE Edition 1)
flavorful_quark: The Impossible Memory #12 (101 Ways to Do Something Impossible)