flavius200: Pensive at the Corvid-19 Vaccination Centre - South London - UK
flavius200: End of another corvid-19 Day
flavius200: “ Empty Chairs at Empty Tables “ from Les Mis
flavius200: “Peace of the Early Morning”
flavius200: “ 2020 “
flavius200: “ Father and Son “ We Will Remember Them........
flavius200: "Nahal Hever - near finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls"
flavius200: "The Volunteers' Camp - MASADA - 1965"
flavius200: "Royal Guard at Athens Airport - 1965"
flavius200: "Street Scene - Beershiva -Negev Desert Town -Israel 1965
flavius200: "MASADA Volunteers on Beach in Eilat Israel"
flavius200: "Men of Beershiva-Near MASADA-Israel"
flavius200: "MASADA-Western Approach"
flavius200: My Return to MASADA - 11th Feb 2000
flavius200: " Two Ladies Talking " Beersheva-Israel-1965
flavius200: “Tent 13, Negev Desert, ISRAEL”
flavius200: "Everyday Trading - Beersheva- Israel- 1965"
flavius200: "Bedu Family Travelling near MASADA, Negev Desert, Israel"
flavius200: 065-09-29-ed2-Flickr
flavius200: My Return to MASADA - 11th Feb 2000
flavius200: “ Come on Pat, we’ll be late for breakfast “
flavius200: “Misty Morning to Lockdown 2” - River Hamble
flavius200: 064-11-27-ed2-flickr
flavius200: Yigael Yadin inspects progress on our MASADA site
flavius200: “Girl from the ‘Creek Souk’ area of Dubai”
flavius200: The Last Night of the Proms - Nicola Benedetti
flavius200: The Last night of the Proms
flavius200: “ It’s South London In’it “
flavius200: " Double Headed Strelitzia Regina "