JohnGeerts013: Exposition preparation
JohnGeerts013: Bike for the sun
JohnGeerts013: Indian Summer
JohnGeerts013: Firethorn in the Sun
JohnGeerts013: Spiders Web
JohnGeerts013: A New Day
JohnGeerts013: Rush Hour
JohnGeerts013: Fountain
JohnGeerts013: Veiled Lamp
JohnGeerts013: Morning sun on Market
JohnGeerts013: Flower of the Indian Pokeweed (Phytolacca acinosa)
JohnGeerts013: LocHal City Library of Tilburg
JohnGeerts013: Burned down containers
JohnGeerts013: The end of the fair
JohnGeerts013: Extreme heat
JohnGeerts013: Verbana
JohnGeerts013: Park and bridge
JohnGeerts013: Bauhaus in Textilemuseum
JohnGeerts013: Restored House
JohnGeerts013: Tulips in Spring
JohnGeerts013: Regte Heide (Moor)
JohnGeerts013: On the way to the Public Library
JohnGeerts013: Stormy weather coming
JohnGeerts013: Wind energy
JohnGeerts013: Eastern summer - Flushing beach
JohnGeerts013: Dark Red Tulip
JohnGeerts013: Tiny Hotel
JohnGeerts013: Spring is coming ...
JohnGeerts013: First Blue sky after 4 weeks of rain
JohnGeerts013: Forsythia in the wind