filipmije: evening skies
filipmije: Hanoi in motion (2)
filipmije: the long walk
filipmije: Moving Hanoi (1)
filipmije: Dunes at sunset
filipmije: Turtle tower or Thap Rua
filipmije: Small tidal creek
filipmije: Wissant beach
filipmije: Winter evening over the IJzer (Yser)
filipmije: Tortoise Tower in the Hoan Kiem lake - Hanoi - in the early evening
filipmije: Big skies... big sands... with tidal statue !
filipmije: new year's sales approaching ...
filipmije: Celebrating New Year in Hanoi
filipmije: Happy New Year and prosperous 2020 to you all ! from the belgian coast !
filipmije: Happy New Year and prosperous 2020 to you all
filipmije: Christmas and New Year in Hanoi
filipmije: From the dunes near sunset
filipmije: Red bridge of Hanoi
filipmije: Evening light
filipmije: Hanoi Christmas 2 years ago
filipmije: the tree at sunset
filipmije: Hanoi marriage
filipmije: Mirror of the skies
filipmije: Dunes beach and sea
filipmije: early autumn on the river side
filipmije: Stormy evening at the coast
filipmije: Yesterday morning at the coast
filipmije: Nieuwpoort evening view
filipmije: visiting Ypres
filipmije: autum colors along the canal