filipmije: this afternoon at the coast
filipmije: back to Nam --> canoeing in Halong bay
filipmije: Through the woods
filipmije: Runner's high
filipmije: today at the coast (2)
filipmije: today @ the coast (1)
filipmije: flowers along the river
filipmije: Bad moon rising
filipmije: into the .... green
filipmije: winter paddy pattern
filipmije: Sapa view from the -rainy- rice paddies
filipmije: Sapa rice paddies in winter
filipmije: Foggy Halong Bay
filipmije: evening coast
filipmije: Is there life on Mars ?
filipmije: There is light in the dunes...
filipmije: city railroad Hanoi (2)
filipmije: wild evening coast
filipmije: the coast at night !!!
filipmije: Dunkirk
filipmije: sunset in black & white
filipmije: New Dunkirk in reflection
filipmije: city railroad Hanoi (1)
filipmije: Souvenirs on wheels
filipmije: the red bride photographed
filipmije: bicycle tours in the north of France
filipmije: the new Dunkirk
filipmije: the little red train
filipmije: evening walk along the beach
filipmije: sunset over the 'koolhofput' in Nieuwpoort