evelyng23: stranded sunrise.
evelyng23: everglades mink.
evelyng23: small but mighty.
evelyng23: fall colors.
evelyng23: the record breaker.
evelyng23: not going hungry.
evelyng23: where's breakfast ??
evelyng23: here I come !
evelyng23: quality time well spent.
evelyng23: pretty in pink.
evelyng23: take flight.
evelyng23: close to mom.
evelyng23: Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there.
evelyng23: may the 4th be w/ you..
evelyng23: a good scratch.
evelyng23: crashin' the party..
evelyng23: exotic beauty.
evelyng23: walk on water.
evelyng23: first day of spring..
evelyng23: on the move.
evelyng23: fishing pole for the nest.
evelyng23: stick delivery.
evelyng23: the balancing act.
evelyng23: on the move.
evelyng23: teamwork.
evelyng23: 1, 2 step.
evelyng23: midday florida panther.
evelyng23: Determination.
evelyng23: castle made of sand.
evelyng23: summer in the glades.