Lord V: Fly Stomorhina lunata on hebe #2
Lord V: Frozen dewdrop on grass blade #2
cassandra204: Raindrops ... falling into my soul
cassandra204: Raindbow drops.................
Lord V: Male orbweb spider on a window frame #2
Hélène Caillaud: Liquid art - 31052019
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Jacky Parker Photography: Glory of the snow
Jacky Parker Photography: Anemone nemorosa
Jacky Parker Photography: Spring Anemone
Jacky Parker Photography: Osteospermum barberiae
Delena Jane: jan4 2019 5
ASPphotographic: feather drops(part xmas tree)
ASPphotographic: 2018-11-29 17-23-59 (C) Water drop refractions
ASPphotographic: falling dreamy blue
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Maryline ROHER: Cyclamen d'Europe - Cyclamen purpurascens
Trevsbirds: KINGFISHER Juvenile
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