@emispynie: The photographer
@emispynie: Not only cats sleep on roofs
@emispynie: Children are often the ones who guide our steps
@emispynie: 2019-09-29_02-00-58
@emispynie: 2019-09-29_01-48-48
@emispynie: Noche oscura
@emispynie: Alumbra la noche
@emispynie: Bel tramonto
@emispynie: Vamos a playa, a curarte el alma 🎼🎢
@emispynie: Entrance house in the historic center of Bivongi, Reggio Calabria. Italy
@emispynie: Back to being a child
@emispynie: In memory of Senna
@emispynie: Toc toc, please open the door!!
@emispynie: In the south of any part of the world life is more serene
@emispynie: Vespasian no longer lives here!!
@emispynie: Beautiful sunset at bedroom
@emispynie: House of believers
@emispynie: Behind a glass of wine.
@emispynie: Carlitos de mi corazón
@emispynie: Seeking the ball.
@emispynie: Taking out the full net
@emispynie: Hello!!! me again!!
@emispynie: Hello there!! I'm smiling Get a picture of me
@emispynie: Nature is a wonderfully perfect work
@emispynie: Sometimes you think that everything in life goes wrong but then you realize that it takes a bit of everything in life to be balanced, otherwise it would be all perfect
@emispynie: Every human being needs darkness to find the way of light.
@emispynie: The sunset is coming!
@emispynie: Thinking about life
@emispynie: Green party
@emispynie: Natural light