geoff7918: Johnsons at the Uni
geoff7918: Tanker, train.
Damien Walmsley: Week 47 - Night Photography
geoff7918: Drive it like you stole it!
Damien Walmsley: 20201126_Entrance to Grand Central
Liz Callan: Eric and Poppy ready for bed
geoff7918: D227 in New Street Station (pjs,1089)
Damien Walmsley: 20201124_Birmingham to Wolverhampton
Vemsteroo: Irradiate
Can Pac Swire: Back in those days...
geoff7918: Spring Road Station October 1970
Mac McCreery: Terrine
geoff7918: Gap the bridge
geoff7918: last
geoff7918: Colas at Tyseley
geoff7918: HS2 is POO
Damien Walmsley: 20201112_The Fox
Liz Callan: Poppy doing well after operation
Sim0nTrains Photos: AWC 390119 @ Stafford
Can Pac Swire: Havard Mark II flyby ceremony
Can Pac Swire: Royal Canadian Air Force flyby
Damien Walmsley: 20201110_The Mannequins
Andys Trains: 196103 23.10.2020
Damien Walmsley: 20201108_Lest we forget
Mac McCreery: Saturday Stroll
Mac McCreery: Birmingham Town
Liz Callan: Eric sitting on my lap tonight
Liz Callan: Poppy always sitting by me
Damien Walmsley: 20201105_Lockdown 2 in the City
geoff7918: Shirley, that's not our train. (gbw,77/23/01)