DanielKHC: Zen Sunset
Eva astur: Pistachos...pero
Blair Bunting: Shot this portrait with the Nikon D3 in 110 degree heat. How the gear didn't melt baffles me to this day.
Blair Bunting: 30 buckets of dirty water to the face and this dude took it like a champ.
Blair Bunting: Believe it or not, this guy is a magician that we thought would cast well for the shoot.
Blair Bunting: If you bring your teeth to set, make sure you leave with them.
Blair Bunting: Continuing with the #Baseball theme this week #SpringTraining
Blair Bunting: I intentionally put this post on Wednesday as I worried it would be tempting to do the hashtag #TuTuesday
Blair Bunting: Finally finished tweaking this image in. The single most expensive car ever sold... The Ferrari 250 GTO
Blair Bunting: Sometimes the right thing to do is nothing at all. Today's blog talks about what happened when a photo of mine showed up on news sites and shows around the world without me knowing about it...
Blair Bunting: As cameras and lights get faster, we will still look to controlled slowness for our art.
Blair Bunting: This photo scared the hell out of me while I was taking it
Blair Bunting: In an effort to bring attention to #WorldMentalHealthDay I produced this piece depicting the darkness that can exist in one's head during an attack. Please, if you are fighting with mental health problems, talk to someone. It is not a weakness and you are
Blair Bunting: When you have a crash pad on the set of a football shoot, the diving gets a bit more "artistic"
Blair Bunting: My first photoshoot to ever be ended by sharks. #RiverMonsters
Blair Bunting: When you hire great talent, only to have them walking into doors for the campaign... PRICELESS
Blair Bunting: Anthony Robles, a soften spoken bad ass
Blair Bunting: A study in the motion of a kickoff.
Blair Bunting: Just another Instagram filter...
Blair Bunting: A study in form, lighting and determination.
Blair Bunting: Yoga at sunset... NBD
Blair Bunting: A cool portrait that we shot in all of 30 minutes. Sometimes the light lines up perfectly..
Blair Bunting: A double exposure test that I thought was interesting
Blair Bunting: 1/2000th shutter sync I love you so.
Blair Bunting: A light, a bounce and a red #Corvette
Blair Bunting: This is me today. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed and damn, I need a nap already. #BlairSmash
Blair Bunting: So. Damn. Loud. ... Yes, the jet was running.
Blair Bunting: The color from the @Hasselblad H6D-100c is nothing short of breathtaking... #HasselbladAmbassador
Blair Bunting: The strength of those that I have been lucky enough to photograph never ceases to amaze me. . . . . . . . . . . #nike #musclepharm #disability #teamleepster #running #trackandfield #motivation #amputee #prosthetics #Tokyo2020 #motivationalspeaker #track #
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