ecwillet: the king
ecwillet: labor day fireworks at harrisburg, pa
ecwillet: black-crowned night heron
ecwillet: green heron
ecwillet: great blue flight
ecwillet: green heron
ecwillet: bald eagle
ecwillet: yellow crown at thesusquehanna river
ecwillet: green heron
ecwillet: where did everyone go ?
ecwillet: young little blue
ecwillet: falcon fly by
ecwillet: young yellow crown
ecwillet: dining on the susquehanna river
ecwillet: i heard you coming from 100 yards away
ecwillet: the hop part of a hop skip and a jump
ecwillet: egret
ecwillet: last supper, for the frog
ecwillet: goldfinch takes over the black crown snag
ecwillet: portrait of a green heron
ecwillet: young eagle surveying shallow water
ecwillet: strut
ecwillet: the susquehanna river at harrisburg pa
ecwillet: spotted lanternfly
ecwillet: spidey
ecwillet: black and purple
ecwillet: lets eat a crayfish
ecwillet: dont look at me when i eat this
ecwillet: so now i caught it what do i do
ecwillet: this claw has to go