easttowestshoppe: Another version of home sweet home
easttowestshoppe: Bird on a mushroom
easttowestshoppe: Shigefusa 240mm Kitaeji Yanagiba
easttowestshoppe: Whimsical Butterfly Fairy
easttowestshoppe: Colorful Bird
easttowestshoppe: Sharing moments in the garden
easttowestshoppe: When the Skies of San Francisco Change Hues
easttowestshoppe: Talon Creation
easttowestshoppe: Mice at Play
easttowestshoppe: Colors of Fall
easttowestshoppe: IMG_1780 (2)
easttowestshoppe: Komorebi Paint Vibrancy
easttowestshoppe: Using Komorebi paint
easttowestshoppe: Shigefusa 300mm Kitaeji Yanagiba
easttowestshoppe: Bees and plant
easttowestshoppe: A day in the life of a bee
easttowestshoppe: Watercolor Bird 3
easttowestshoppe: My impression of Illusions by Octavio Ocampo
easttowestshoppe: Flowers in bloom
easttowestshoppe: Mouse on a mushroom
easttowestshoppe: Lovebirds
easttowestshoppe: Peacock and mate