[Eric OLIVIER]: Karl Wetplate collodion Portrait
[Eric OLIVIER]: Manon Calaveras Collodion Portrait
[Eric OLIVIER]: Manon Calaveras Collodion Portrait
[Eric OLIVIER]: Pauline Wetplate collodion
[Eric OLIVIER]: Xavier Portrait Collodion
[Eric OLIVIER]: Théa Wetplate Portrait
[Eric OLIVIER]: Boxer Frank on a plate
[Eric OLIVIER]: Pauline, Evanescent portrait
[Eric OLIVIER]: Pauline on a plate
[Eric OLIVIER]: Carlo on a plate
[Eric OLIVIER]: Loïc Collodion portrait
[Eric OLIVIER]: Léo Wetplate Collodion Portrait II
[Eric OLIVIER]: Léo Wet Plate Collodion Portrait
[Eric OLIVIER]: Kids in the garden
[Eric OLIVIER]: K&G Wedding
[Eric OLIVIER]: Gabriel on wetplate
[Eric OLIVIER]: Claire Cosplay
[Eric OLIVIER]: Masonic Sword
[Eric OLIVIER]: Dead Leaf
[Eric OLIVIER]: M & Y-M Wedding
[Eric OLIVIER]: C&J Rooftop Couple
[Eric OLIVIER]: Wrestling Victory
[Eric OLIVIER]: Wrestling KO
[Eric OLIVIER]: Caroline Wetplate
[Eric OLIVIER]: Carole Wetplate Collodion
[Eric OLIVIER]: Tribute to Ian Fleming
[Eric OLIVIER]: Georges on wetplate (Collodion)
[Eric OLIVIER]: Alix Wetplate Collodion
[Eric OLIVIER]: Alexandra Wetplate II
[Eric OLIVIER]: Alexandra Wetplate