DrupkaTheUnclear: Buccolic Sunset
DrupkaTheUnclear: Hirst Wood Colour
DrupkaTheUnclear: The River Aire above Hirst Mill
DrupkaTheUnclear: Unamed Fall in Pudsey Clough
DrupkaTheUnclear: The Old Man of the Forest
DrupkaTheUnclear: Green and Gold (Guisecliffe Tarn detail)
DrupkaTheUnclear: Autumn Cascade
DrupkaTheUnclear: Shale Falls
DrupkaTheUnclear: Acceleration
DrupkaTheUnclear: Lumb Clough detail
DrupkaTheUnclear: Early Snows
DrupkaTheUnclear: Llyn in early evening light.
DrupkaTheUnclear: Purple Two
DrupkaTheUnclear: Purple One
DrupkaTheUnclear: White One
DrupkaTheUnclear: White Two
DrupkaTheUnclear: Genteel Decay
DrupkaTheUnclear: Fringed Pink
DrupkaTheUnclear: Pyrenean Layers
DrupkaTheUnclear: Pic Rouge de Belcaire
DrupkaTheUnclear: Middlehopeburn Water (detail)
DrupkaTheUnclear: Coire Nan Clach and Coire Dhondail
DrupkaTheUnclear: Sgor Gaoith from Sgoran Dubh Mor
DrupkaTheUnclear: Lurcher's Crag and Cairn Gorm from Sgoran Dubh Mor
DrupkaTheUnclear: Hanging Royd
DrupkaTheUnclear: Bare Head Tunnel
DrupkaTheUnclear: Stream Confluence
DrupkaTheUnclear: Tall Stoop, Henacre Wood
DrupkaTheUnclear: Please Pardon Them
DrupkaTheUnclear: Kester Hole