dred707..: Downtown Placerville
dred707..: Driving Miss Daisy
dred707..: _MG_7130_3_O_fx
dred707..: Another mural
dred707..: NNNice doggie
dred707..: Abandoned ranch house
dred707..: The Purpose of an Education
dred707..: Back In The Day
dred707..: Canon Fodder
dred707..: Armory at Ft Ross
dred707..: Lake Merlot
dred707..: Somewhere in the South-west
dred707..: The Spa
dred707..: Adobe Abode
dred707..: Route 66 revisited
dred707..: This Old House
dred707..: Into Fear
dred707..: Old Ranch
dred707..: Valice B/W
dred707..: Glass under fire
dred707..: Bumpass hot sprgs. (edit)
dred707..: A Warrior and his sword (edit)
dred707..: Slippin' Away
dred707..: Rainbow Bridge ll
dred707..: Barn on Shiloh Rd.
dred707..: Neighborhood field
dred707..: Bodega Head
dred707..: Off the Beaten Path
dred707..: Spring time in Pt. Reyes Station
dred707..: Rainbow Bridge