dwolters2: Windmill on the Palouse
dwolters2: Blooms and moss.
dwolters2: Abstract, Ice and Water
dwolters2: hanging on for dear life
dwolters2: first wildflower of the year
dwolters2: Chikamin Peak
dwolters2: Cascade in the Cascades
dwolters2: Great Blue Heron
dwolters2: Frosted
dwolters2: Cottonwoods in the wind
dwolters2: Snow on Alder
dwolters2: Smoky sunset and mountain shadow
dwolters2: Box Canyon Creek
dwolters2: The Ramparts
dwolters2: Bethel Ridge Sunset
dwolters2: Showing the Stripes
dwolters2: Liberty Bell and Early Winters Spires
dwolters2: Smith Rocks Sunset
dwolters2: Shrub Stepp sunset
dwolters2: Balanced Rock
dwolters2: Only the Locals Know
dwolters2: Devil's Creek Falls
dwolters2: The Side Show
dwolters2: Land of the Living and the Dead
dwolters2: Foggy morning
dwolters2: Wahclella Falls
dwolters2: wiesendanger falls
dwolters2: Morning Light
dwolters2: Crooked river bridge B&W
dwolters2: Crooked River Bridge