Chris.Topher.J: Monotone
Chris.Topher.J: Natural Patterns
Chris.Topher.J: Need more space
Chris.Topher.J: Looking for the times
Chris.Topher.J: Waiting and Going
Chris.Topher.J: Please Share!!!
Chris.Topher.J: What a Big Nose you have My Dear
Chris.Topher.J: Out of the Frying Pan
Chris.Topher.J: A Forkful of Salad - Macro Monday
Chris.Topher.J: Smile Blue
Chris.Topher.J: The Cheese Man
Chris.Topher.J: Where Are you???
Chris.Topher.J: The Blue Break
Chris.Topher.J: Strike a Pose
Chris.Topher.J: Against the Norm
Chris.Topher.J: Nothing deep; I’m just waiting.
Chris.Topher.J: Drawing to an end
Chris.Topher.J: Your time is running out.
Chris.Topher.J: Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!
Chris.Topher.J: The Golden Years & I’m Not The Only One Taking Photos!
Chris.Topher.J: Autumn Snack
Chris.Topher.J: Two fellows on a fag break
Chris.Topher.J: Plodding Along
Chris.Topher.J: Bricked Up
Chris.Topher.J: The clocks changed; now I’m walking home in the dark
Chris.Topher.J: I’m going to buy my love the moon!
Chris.Topher.J: An Example of Paddington’s Hard Stare
Chris.Topher.J: 1975 - Bright and Blue
Chris.Topher.J: You might grow older but you never change