dMaculate: Lamp 2B
dMaculate: I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
dMaculate: Lines and Shine
dMaculate: Purple Passion 3b
dMaculate: Rose, Generations A
dMaculate: Lily with a Touch of Purple (Colorized)
dMaculate: Desire
dMaculate: Join/support FSF!
dMaculate: Squares on Blue A
dMaculate: Allium on the Fence 1
dMaculate: Spring Rain at Muddy River A
dMaculate: Muddy River in Spring
dMaculate: Purple Twilight
dMaculate: Winter Afternoon B
dMaculate: By Muddy River in Winter B
dMaculate: Emerald Path (Winter)
dMaculate: Tree and Crescent 2b
dMaculate: Summer in Vermont 1b
dMaculate: Belle Isle Marsh B
dMaculate: Lines by the Lake
dMaculate: Summer in Eden 3
dMaculate: Summer's Essence 1
dMaculate: Fall Reflects in Muddy River 2c
dMaculate: Fall Reflects in Muddy River 1
dMaculate: Fall Decoration 2b
dMaculate: Longwood Avenue Bridge in the Fall 3
dMaculate: Fall Decoration 4b
dMaculate: By Muddy River in the Fall A
dMaculate: Mexican Aster 8
dMaculate: Purple Aster 3