BielePix: The Missing Sock is back...just before the Blizzard comes...lucky day :-)
BielePix: Bernie meets Bielefeld
BielePix: Under The Bridge
BielePix: Naturkunde Museum
BielePix: Train is coming
BielePix: My little Pudding Town Dr.Oetker
BielePix: Durch die Wolken
BielePix: Moody
BielePix: The Tower
BielePix: Digital Artwork I
BielePix: Digital Artwork II
BielePix: 24/7 365
BielePix: I´m watching you...
BielePix: Over The City
BielePix: Kachelhaus Bielefeld
BielePix: Streetshot Bielefeld
BielePix: VW Camper I
BielePix: VW Camper II
BielePix: Escape
BielePix: On The Farm VI
BielePix: On The Farm I
BielePix: On The Farm III
BielePix: Flying Cam
BielePix: Kunsthalle bei Nacht
BielePix: Kunsthalle Bielefeld
BielePix: Parkaus in Bielefeld
BielePix: Rathaus Bielefeld
BielePix: Mad Max?
BielePix: Ready for landing
BielePix: High altitude