.everlasting: The light in hidden places
.everlasting: evergreen
.everlasting: Bird Sounds
.everlasting: Slowly fading
.everlasting: warm in the cold
.everlasting: Quiet air
.everlasting: The blue air
.everlasting: This solitude
.everlasting: I never learned how to exist
.everlasting: And This Is the Light
.everlasting: On the surface of silence
.everlasting: Assimilation
.everlasting: Wild Fire
.everlasting: Spring patterns
.everlasting: Breathe deeper
.everlasting: Wild fire
.everlasting: Soul's garden
.everlasting: Breathe deeper
.everlasting: Beyond the sunlight
.everlasting: The blue air
.everlasting: Deep green
.everlasting: Respire
.everlasting: Memories of sky
.everlasting: Heart of the forest
.everlasting: To winter I belong
.everlasting: Remembering
.everlasting: I've been watching your world from afar
.everlasting: In dreams
.everlasting: In the forest
.everlasting: In dreams