Runen LIU: Knife sharpening and haircuts services
Runen LIU: Courier
Runen LIU: SAPAR Uygur Restaurant
Runen LIU: Fruit shop
Runen LIU: A tea shop selling lottery tickets, which occupies the entrance to a cul-de-sac, , deep within which, there is an inn.
Runen LIU: A sanitation worker hauls a rubbish bin out of an old alleyway on a scooter.
Runen LIU: This fish shop seems to be a social centre of the street, often showing comic scenes that even the dog get into.
Runen LIU: Interesting stuff on mobile
Runen LIU: Kitchen of a street restaurant
Runen LIU: A cave-like grocery shop: "We sell yellow sand, cement, wooden boards, lamps, paint and daily necessities, etc."
Runen LIU: An elder lady is walking through an alleyway flanked by walls of street art.
Runen LIU: A sanitation worker sweeps in one of Shanghai's oldest streets, which is about to be demolished.
Runen LIU: An express transfer station in an old alley about to be demolished
Runen LIU: Gardenia seller and girls
Runen LIU: People and window displays
Runen LIU: Vegetable shop about to be demolished
Runen LIU: Fish shop: "Today is the last day of the shop, and all items are discounted."
Runen LIU: A scrap collector rides his tricycle back and forth across the lot being demolished, collecting any valuable things left behind by the evictees.
Runen LIU: The last days of the Jiangxi Restaurant before demolition
Runen LIU: The last days of the butcher shop before demolition: the luggage has been packed and stacked in the shop
Runen LIU: The fish shop in its final days before being demolished
Runen LIU: The alcohol shop in its final days before being demolished
Runen LIU: In the last days of the dry foods shop before its demolition: the owner and a regular customers
Runen LIU: This dry foods and pickles shop was originally across the road, at 445 Shunchang Road, which has been demolished, so it has moved here to 354. The shop has reached its last days though, and soon this area of the building will also be demolished.
Runen LIU: In front of the wall of a vacant lot where a demolished century-old building once stood, a demolition worker carries the extra hollow bricks onto a tricycle to be transported to other empty buildings that have not yet been demolished.
Runen LIU: In one of Shanghai's oldest lots, a man pushes the wheelchair of his elderly mother, who points to the remains of a restaurant that was quite popular not so long ago, and the son says to his mother, "That's the restaurant."
Runen LIU: A surviving grocery shop on the demolished lot, which is also about to be closed and demolished
Runen LIU: Scooter repair stall owner
Runen LIU: Thrift shop owner
Runen LIU: Grocery in the alley