Dionepsoc: Hanging On
Dionepsoc: Highest Possible Hand
Dionepsoc: Blue Hour
Dionepsoc: Reflecting on Cameron Lake
Dionepsoc: Crystal Door Knob
Dionepsoc: Seal of Approval
Dionepsoc: Mr. T
Dionepsoc: Dragon of the Setting Sun
Dionepsoc: The Eyes Have It!
Dionepsoc: I Love You!
Dionepsoc: Exercise in Depth of Field
Dionepsoc: West Side Livery
Dionepsoc: Heart on Fire
Dionepsoc: My One and Only One
Dionepsoc: Waving Goodbye
Dionepsoc: Seed Basket
Dionepsoc: Ice Break
Dionepsoc: The Beauty of the Fallen
Dionepsoc: The Last Call
Dionepsoc: Whirlflower
Dionepsoc: Running on Empty
Dionepsoc: Curls
Dionepsoc: 18 1/2" (47cm)
Dionepsoc: The Lighthouse
Dionepsoc: Unicorns and Bitcoins
Dionepsoc: The Path to Somewhere
Dionepsoc: You Say "Tomaytoe"
Dionepsoc: Curvy Candy Counter
Dionepsoc: The ABC's of Locomotion
Dionepsoc: Strangers in the Night