dharder9475: The world, upside down
dharder9475: Putting a flower in her hair
dharder9475: The finale!
dharder9475: Near the finale
dharder9475: El cathedral
dharder9475: Below Clark Street
dharder9475: Shaft of chainlink
dharder9475: "Keep having a good day"
dharder9475: The cold
dharder9475: Walking up to Michigan Ave
dharder9475: Waiting for the bus
dharder9475: The Phelan Building
dharder9475: Sunset over San Francisco
dharder9475: The hidden Hero Coffee Shop
dharder9475: Welcome to Edgewater
dharder9475: Bull
dharder9475: The divide
dharder9475: Urban rural
dharder9475: Hello bear
dharder9475: Picking up Holi powder
dharder9475: Blue Holi powder on the asphalt
dharder9475: Purfectly covered, and blessed
dharder9475: Enjoying the ducks
dharder9475: Epiphyte wall
dharder9475: Like leather
dharder9475: Drips and drops
dharder9475: One way
dharder9475: _MG_7264
dharder9475: Turn On Headlights