dharder9475: Sunset over the CTA
dharder9475: Skyline along South Michigan Avenue
dharder9475: Chicago Board of Trade
dharder9475: 163|366: On the walk
dharder9475: 161|366: For the coming storm
dharder9475: 160|366: Ready for bed
dharder9475: 159|366: Social distancing
dharder9475: Home.
dharder9475: 158|366: Mom's roses
dharder9475: 157|366: Pensive
dharder9475: Escape the cloud
dharder9475: 156|366: The new new normal
dharder9475: 152|366: Society under construction
dharder9475: 151|366: Moon in a telescope
dharder9475: "If you can read this..."
dharder9475: 150|366: Reopening Illinois
dharder9475: 149|366: On the fence
dharder9475: Water drops on the chair
dharder9475: Happy bokeh
dharder9475: 148|366: In memoriam
dharder9475: 147|366: Dark nights
dharder9475: We are open
dharder9475: 146|366: Freedom is not free...
dharder9475: 145|366: Mackarel sky
dharder9475: 144|366: Blowing in the wind
dharder9475: Looking out the window
dharder9475: An eastbound flight leaves ORD
dharder9475: Skies at night
dharder9475: 143|366: Ready to pounce
dharder9475: Volvo V70: former dream car