detlefgabriel17: Crystal clear, cold air: Summer is over. (Not edited, overexposed).
detlefgabriel17: Spider tower.
detlefgabriel17: The river, my place to relax.
detlefgabriel17: The endless summer in northern Germany.
detlefgabriel17: Silhouette in the morning mist.
detlefgabriel17: Low tide
detlefgabriel17: Last snowball in February. When can I make the first one in the next winter?
detlefgabriel17: Out of the the photo album: memories.
detlefgabriel17: To anyone who also has issues with Flickr notifications and recent activity reporting.
detlefgabriel17: "Eye catcher of the lake".
detlefgabriel17: What do you think, which book the churchman is reading?
detlefgabriel17: Multitasking for drivers.
detlefgabriel17: Last trip this year?
detlefgabriel17: On the shore of a lake.
detlefgabriel17: Spring: at last outside again.
detlefgabriel17: Here we go!
detlefgabriel17: Withered nature after a hot, dry summer (overexposed).
detlefgabriel17: Autumn: spider time.
detlefgabriel17: Ship model on a windowsill. Photographed from inside the room through the window.
detlefgabriel17: Survived!
detlefgabriel17: Posing mermaid.
detlefgabriel17: The high heels killer
detlefgabriel17: Exemplary: The rescue is there before the casualty comes.
detlefgabriel17: Next stop: Hamburg (Germany).
detlefgabriel17: The pilot comes on board.
detlefgabriel17: In the bog.
detlefgabriel17: Rotted branches in still water.
detlefgabriel17: Reserved for a privat party on the beach.
detlefgabriel17: Reeds from the shore in rough sea (long time exposure).
detlefgabriel17: Forestry worker in love.