detlefgabriel17: The sailor: Time for a cigarette break.
detlefgabriel17: Familys day on the beach.
detlefgabriel17: There is a lot to dig for children.
detlefgabriel17: Place of silence.
detlefgabriel17: Room without a view.
detlefgabriel17: Insect of steel: ferry bridge over the river "Oste" in northern Germany.
detlefgabriel17: Apples to go.
detlefgabriel17: Ferry over a small river without a fixed timetable. Everyone who comes is crossed over immediately.
detlefgabriel17: Out of the dark into the light.
detlefgabriel17: Roots of a tree at the lake.
detlefgabriel17: End of a dream: life in the forest.
detlefgabriel17: Behind the last station.
detlefgabriel17: My most used device in the last three weeks here in northern Germany.
detlefgabriel17: Nothing for people with fear of spiders.
detlefgabriel17: Full speed.
detlefgabriel17: No chance for birds on delicious fruits.
detlefgabriel17: In the moor
detlefgabriel17: The sun dispels the haze.
detlefgabriel17: Especially for my British friends: what is the correct order of the words?
detlefgabriel17: This Farmer don't need a fitness center……
detlefgabriel17: Summertime sadness.
detlefgabriel17: In the reeds.
detlefgabriel17: Lost in flight.
detlefgabriel17: In the right place at the right time: The shadow of the piles in one line.
detlefgabriel17: After the storm.
detlefgabriel17: Light and shadow.
detlefgabriel17: Life around the faucet in an old wall. (Where water is, there is life)
detlefgabriel17: VIP box of a "football stadium".
detlefgabriel17: The season begins.