detlefgabriel17: Do you still remember, in 2018 on the beach? (Memories for the future)
detlefgabriel17: In the autumn of life.
detlefgabriel17: Father and son
detlefgabriel17: Look at this!
detlefgabriel17: Vastness
detlefgabriel17: A little protection from the torrid sun.
detlefgabriel17: Waves on a rough sea. With long exposure of 1/4 sec. (freehand photo)
detlefgabriel17: Industry on the river.
detlefgabriel17: Ship meets boat
detlefgabriel17: What happened?
detlefgabriel17: The farmer's last weapon: Artificial irrigation due to months of drought in northern Germany.
detlefgabriel17: Nature in disharmony
detlefgabriel17: A stress-free day.
detlefgabriel17: Tree on a very windy summer day. Exposure time: 1/10 Sec.
detlefgabriel17: Sailing on a silver river.
detlefgabriel17: Reflector post with a reflector against wild animals crossing.
detlefgabriel17: On the shore of the lake.
detlefgabriel17: Moored at the pier.
detlefgabriel17: Towards the ocean.
detlefgabriel17: A perfect day.
detlefgabriel17: Alone on the way to the North Sea.
detlefgabriel17: On the shore of a clear lake. (Diving resort "Kreidesee" in Hemmoor, Northern Germany. The lake has a depth of about 60 meters (about 180 feet) and is crystal clear.
detlefgabriel17: The ravages of time and the love.
detlefgabriel17: No view into the universe, only the reflections of the sun on a lake.
detlefgabriel17: Dusty work
detlefgabriel17: Under the wide sky.
detlefgabriel17: The remnants of 5 minutes of happiness ......
detlefgabriel17: Cold and rainy summer day.