detlefgabriel17: Sandhaufen
detlefgabriel17: Lonely worker.
detlefgabriel17: The old year slowly turns off the light.
detlefgabriel17: Autumn tristesse
detlefgabriel17: To come to rest.
detlefgabriel17: Thin ice and reflections on the lake.
detlefgabriel17: A small proof of the authenticity of the previous photo from the Pont du Gard: Photo from my former class exam with my notice.
detlefgabriel17: Here is an image with my "Voigtländer Brilant" from 1932. I took it in 1967 (class trip) from the Pont du Gard / France. After the photo of the whole building, I made one from the top channel but I has forgotten to turn the film into the next position.
detlefgabriel17: A look through a historical eye: Photographed through the viewfinder of a two-eyed "Voigtländer Brillant" from 1932. You look through the viewfinder from above, which is protected by a flap. The photo was taken with a modern digital camera.
detlefgabriel17: "Früher war mehr Lametta"
detlefgabriel17: The river never sleeps.
detlefgabriel17: Reflection in the morning sun.
detlefgabriel17: Floating steel
detlefgabriel17: First ice on the creek
detlefgabriel17: Mir kommt es vor, als wenn es gestern war.
detlefgabriel17: Ready for departure.
detlefgabriel17: Men at Work
detlefgabriel17: Only waves, otherwise nothing is going on.
detlefgabriel17: So beautiful a cheap lens can work : lens reflections.
detlefgabriel17: Flags in the wind (overexposed).
detlefgabriel17: On an autumn day.
detlefgabriel17: Water level
detlefgabriel17: Mast of a sailboat in an old harbor.
detlefgabriel17: The day number 320 in the year 2018 starts in the North German lowlands.
detlefgabriel17: In my mind I still can hear the laughter of the children.
detlefgabriel17: Roofers wanted.
detlefgabriel17: Lighthouses: history meets modernity.
detlefgabriel17: Autumn: lonely leaf in the lake.
detlefgabriel17: Last day in October: cool but sunny.
detlefgabriel17: Sleeping like 300 years ago.