dbadair: Flock of White Pelicans Inflight Into the Sunset
dbadair: Flock of White Pelicans Inflight
dbadair: Osprey Midday Takeoff
dbadair: Tricolor Heron Closeup
dbadair: Pair of Magnificent Frigatebird Inflight at Sunset Silhouette
dbadair: Osprey Inflight with Moss for the Nest
dbadair: Palm Warbler
dbadair: Magnificent Frigatebird
dbadair: Royal Tern Catching
dbadair: Pair of Brown Pelicans Shallow Water Diving
dbadair: Banded Great Egret Inflight
dbadair: Brown Pelican Landing Golden Light
dbadair: Roseate Spoonbill Inflight at Sunset
dbadair: Magnificent Frigatebird Inflight Inflated Silhouette
dbadair: IMG_9657a
dbadair: IMG_9654
dbadair: IMG_9652
dbadair: IMG_9650
dbadair: IMG_9645
dbadair: IMG_9637
dbadair: IMG_9634
dbadair: IMG_9630
dbadair: IMG_9629a AE
dbadair: IMG_9620
dbadair: IMG_9616
dbadair: IMG_9609
dbadair: IMG_9608
dbadair: IMG_9605
dbadair: IMG_9599
dbadair: IMG_9596