Dennis_R_Smith: Yellow Headed Blackbird
Dennis_R_Smith: Redwing Blackbird
Dennis_R_Smith: Sunrise Over Mutiny Bay and the Olympic Mountains
Dennis_R_Smith: Mutiny Bay Sunset
Dennis_R_Smith: Admiralty Head Lighthouse
Dennis_R_Smith: Deception Pass
Dennis_R_Smith: Deception Pass
Dennis_R_Smith: Boy and Dog Park
Dennis_R_Smith: Rounding The Point At Mutiny Bay
Dennis_R_Smith: Moonrise Feb. 26, 2021
Dennis_R_Smith: Sun Setting on Mt. Spokane
Dennis_R_Smith: Moonrise 02/27/2021
Dennis_R_Smith: Cooper's Hawk
Dennis_R_Smith: Solitary Boat in the Fog
Dennis_R_Smith: Donkey Island Swimming Hole
Dennis_R_Smith: Spring Fed Icicle Cluster
Dennis_R_Smith: Elder Road
Dennis_R_Smith: BNSF and Latah Bridges
Dennis_R_Smith: Morning At Anchor
Dennis_R_Smith: Dove On The Rocks
Dennis_R_Smith: Magpie In The Rain
Dennis_R_Smith: Old Red Barn
Dennis_R_Smith: Plaza-Cheney Road
Dennis_R_Smith: Full Moon 01/27/2021
Dennis_R_Smith: Campion Park Tree
Dennis_R_Smith: Winter Field