funkydeez2000: Another dull day, but I’m warm and loved.
funkydeez2000: Can I give in, yet?
funkydeez2000: Make room for someone young
funkydeez2000: Waiting for Springtime
funkydeez2000: Trapped
funkydeez2000: They don’t do detail like they used to!
funkydeez2000: ‘The Wheel and Bucket’: a good name for pub :-)
funkydeez2000: Fallen on stony ground
funkydeez2000: Ever vigilant
funkydeez2000: Squiggly Twiglets at Twilight
funkydeez2000: Waterhouse-world
funkydeez2000: Watertree-world
funkydeez2000: Not such a terrible lizard now
funkydeez2000: Oops, I pressed the wrong button!
funkydeez2000: In the distance ...
funkydeez2000: Look! What is that? ... Probably nothing ...
funkydeez2000: NATURE trying to clear up OUR mess :-/
funkydeez2000: The Rush to the Sea
funkydeez2000: A Nutty Bolt on the Edge
funkydeez2000: Really? You need another picture?
funkydeez2000: Thinking in black & white clears the fog.
funkydeez2000: Kitty-ma-Bob
funkydeez2000: The root of the solution
funkydeez2000: Stumped, for a title
funkydeez2000: You never know what’s around the corner
funkydeez2000: Ballet Dancing Ivy
funkydeez2000: Yonder hill
funkydeez2000: The Holly and The Ivy-Oak
funkydeez2000: Harsh Reality
funkydeez2000: Ivy Renaissance