funkydeez2000: Moonlight river reflection
funkydeez2000: No words needed
funkydeez2000: Ta dah
funkydeez2000: Getting ready
funkydeez2000: The captured capturer
funkydeez2000: Perfect balance
funkydeez2000: The Sluice, driven by a ruddy great wheel
funkydeez2000: Les Petits Baigneurs
funkydeez2000: Fluff
funkydeez2000: I suppose this spot will have to do.
funkydeez2000: Oh dear, she’s sitting on my sofa
funkydeez2000: Fast Water, Slow Shutter
funkydeez2000: Fast Water, Round a Corner
funkydeez2000: Look at my eyes, not the bokeh
funkydeez2000: Pattern Recognition
funkydeez2000: Black & White Berries
funkydeez2000: Cat's eye and shed detail
funkydeez2000: Fire and Light
funkydeez2000: Life After Death
funkydeez2000: The Bubbles and the Ivy
funkydeez2000: Bubbling and Babbling
funkydeez2000: Mother of Pearl Eye
funkydeez2000: Eye in the Sky
funkydeez2000: Food given
funkydeez2000: Asking for food
funkydeez2000: Whad' ya want?
funkydeez2000: Hmm, okay!
funkydeez2000: Seeing Eye to Eye
funkydeez2000: Path of a little river