Deb Sandidge: I completely got lost in shooting water abstracts in San Francisco. The patterns that evolved were mesmerizing! Photographed with my @nikonusa Z7 mirrorless camera, and my new Nikkor 500mm lens which is fantastic, so light. The reflections are from nearby
Deb Sandidge: Good morning San Francisco, thanks for the beautiful blue hour! Photographed with my @nikonusa Z7 and 24-70mm lens, ISO 64, f/16 30 seconds. Have a beautiful day! #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador #capturetomorrow #sanfrancisco #travelphotography #mirrorles
Deb Sandidge: I’m enjoying retracing my steps with the new @nikonusa Z7, shooting locations I have shot before, and I’m impressed with the image quality and performance. What a powerhouse of a camera! This was photographed at Brooklyn Bridge Park, f/16, ISO 64 for 2 mi
Deb Sandidge: It’s getting a little spooky around here! This was a fun shot with an infrared converted camera. In the middle of the day, the sky can look very dark at 720nm, so I went with the look and added midnight blue toning and a crescent moon 🌙 that I previo
Deb Sandidge: More fisheye fun at Times Square with my @nikonusa Z 7 mirrorless camera and 8-15mm fisheye lens at 15mm shot from underneath a flagpole. I love photographing the city at night! See you at the Nikon booth at PhotoPlus Expo! #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador
Deb Sandidge: The edge of night at Brooklyn Bridge Park, the last clouds were slipping across the NYC cityscape. This was over a 4-minute exposure using the @nikonusa Mirrorless Z7 and 24-70mm lens. At that moment, not a photographer in sight on this beautiful but chil
Deb Sandidge: I had some fisheye fun with reflections at Times Square last night using my favorite lens, the @NikonUSA 8-15mm fisheye lens at 8mm. @platypodtripods is having a great contest on reflections... Tag your photos #platypodcontest and #reflectionphotography A
Deb Sandidge: Always look up! Happy #FisheyeFriday I'm honored to have this shot featured as Nikon's Facebook cover photo his month! Photographed with my @nikonusa D850, Nikkor 8-15mm at 15mm, 1/160 sec at f/11 to include the sunburst for the spa
Deb Sandidge: Happy Throwback Thursday to one of my favorite photographs, a beautiful blue boat floating in a sea of reflections! My @NikonUSA 70-200mm f/2.8 helped me isolate the subject and fill the frame with color. My friends at @platypodtripods are having a contes
Deb Sandidge: Buckingham Fountain is one of my favorite places to photograph in Chicago... especially at night. I was enjoying the view, and getting ready to leave when I noticed a swirl of clouds moving across the sky, I couldn’t resist. This was my parting shot on my
Deb Sandidge: I always look forward to photographing Brooklyn Bridge Park, the view of Manhattan is amazing! A long exposure smooths the water, and late in the evening, all the lights in the city add glamor to the shot. Photographed with my @nikonusa D850, 24-70mm lens
Deb Sandidge: Dream big... Florida sunrise photographed with my @NikonUSA D5, Nikkor 14-24mm lens, 1/15 sec at f/5.6. Happy Saturday, enjoy! 📷☀️🌊 #NikonNoFilter #nikonambassador #SaturdayMorning #Florida #sunrise
Deb Sandidge: There is something very romantic about the golden glow of the sun across the sea. Photographed with a @nikonusa D850, Nikkor 24-70mm lens. 1/20 sec at f/22. Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 😊📷 #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador
Deb Sandidge: Happy #ThrowbackThursday to beautiful San Francisco! This is one of my favorite cities, you’ll always find me out here at 1:00am photographing cable cars as they come down the track for the night. With this 15 second shot, several cars passed in front of
Deb Sandidge: Paris is always a good idea. ~Audrey Hepburn I can’t wait to return to Paris... Photographed with a @nikonusa D800, and Nikkor 28-300mm lens, 5 seconds at f5.6. This was photographed from Montparnasse Tower, which provides a dazzling view of the city! :ca
Deb Sandidge: Happy #TravelTuesday 📷 Motion conveyed by a slow shutter speed with a bus passing by on Tower Bridge Photographed with a @nikonusa D5 and Nikkor 14-24mm lens. #travelphotography #london #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador
Deb Sandidge: Happy #MondayMotivation ☀️🍁 I hope you are enjoying autumn! Here's a tip, use a zoom lens to capture a variety of photographs. I shot with my @NikonUSA D810 and Nikkor 28-300mm lens at f/5.6 to isolate the colorful leaves and softly blur t
Deb Sandidge: Happy Fisheye Friday! Photographed in colorful Colorado with a @nikonusa D850 and Nikkor 8-15mm fisheye lens, f/16 for the sparkling sunburst. Have a wonderful weekend! 📷🍂 #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador #nikonD850 #aspen #fisheyelens #
Deb Sandidge: Stars peeking through clouds at Maroon Bells last week. I couldn’t resist taking a few shots as I waited for sunrise. Photographed with a @nikonusa D850 and Nikkor 24-70mm lens. 📷🍂⭐️ #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador #travelphotograp
Deb Sandidge: “Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday.” – A. A. Milne Photographed with a @NikonUSA D5, 70-20mm Nikkor lens, ISO 400, f/16, 1/6 sec in the Maroon Bells valley area in Colorado. 🍂 #nikonnofilter #nikonlove #WednesdayW
Deb Sandidge: Aspen, and the Maroon Bells valley, this is one place that has to be gorgeous all seasons. The aspen trees were beautiful, and there was color everywhere, can't wait to go back. Photographed with my @NikonUSA D850 and Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 lens. Happy #Trav
Deb Sandidge: There is nothing like being surrounded by golden leaves and blue sky! This was photographed at Maroon Bells valley, which is full of vibrant color at the moment! @nikonusa D850, 8-15mm fisheye lens at 15mm. #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador #nikond850 #maro
Deb Sandidge: Happy first day of fall! I'm looking forward to beautiful autumn colors!🍁 📷 #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador #fall #autumnequinox #japan
Deb Sandidge: The real challenge is to photograph a location showing my work as unique, memorable, and a little different than what’s been done before. I solve this by researching the location in advance, pre-visualizing creative concepts, and by using multiple shootin
Deb Sandidge: It is not in the stars to hold our destiny...but in ourselves. ~William Shakespeare Photographed with a @NikonUSA D810, ISO 4000, 25 seconds at f/2.8, 20mm lens at the beautiful Badlands in South Dakota. 📷⭐️ #nikonnofilter #nikonlove #travelph
Deb Sandidge: Taking in the view at Brooklyn Bridge Park, photographed with a @nikonusa Z7 and f/4 24-70mm lens. Have a wonderful Wednesday! #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador #capturetomorrow #mirrorlessreinvented #brooklynbridgepark #travelphotography #NikonZ7
Deb Sandidge: Have a beautiful evening! 😊📷🌊 Photographed with a pre-production @nikonusa Z7 mirrorless camera using the new f/4 24-70mm lens. I love how light this powerhouse camera is, and how the settings are familiar and easy to navigate. #nikonno
Deb Sandidge: Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend! 🌻 Photographed with a @nikonusa D810 in the south of France. #travelphotography #france #sunflowers #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador #tgif
Deb Sandidge: No trip to NYC is complete without a visit to Brooklyn Bridge Park to see the beautiful cityscape over the East River. This is one of my favorite places to enjoy the view! Photographed with a pre-production @nikonusa mirrorless Z7 camera, and f/4 24-70mm
Deb Sandidge: I always hope for moody clouds during the blue hour, they can create beautiful drama with cityscapes and landscapes. 6 seconds at f/16, ISO 64 with a pre-production @nikonusa mirrorless Z7 camera, and 24-70mm lens. Have a wonderful Wednesday! • #nikonnofi