judydeanclasen: one shouder
judydeanclasen: unknown girl with a lovely smile
judydeanclasen: out of out window
judydeanclasen: Happy New Year … 2024…to all my amazingly loyal friends!
judydeanclasen: Merry Christmas everyone and all the very best fit 2024! I’ll be back to early in the New year! OUR CAR HAS BEEN STOLEN! So we’re pretty concerned with the consequences of that right now. It means we can’t go to England as we’d planned for Christmas!
judydeanclasen: amaryllis
judydeanclasen: Smile to cheer a wet Winter’s day!
judydeanclasen: eye.on.you
judydeanclasen: headless man
judydeanclasen: eyes .on. me
judydeanclasen: sitting tight
judydeanclasen: Dreischeibenhaus in Düsseldorf.
judydeanclasen: shooting in the rain
judydeanclasen: modern dood
judydeanclasen: eye contact through the window.
judydeanclasen: candid with hat!
judydeanclasen: reflestion. selfie.
judydeanclasen: reflections
judydeanclasen: on the shelf
judydeanclasen: My much loved Sony camera
judydeanclasen: Adoration
judydeanclasen: shooter.
judydeanclasen: smashed.
judydeanclasen: chance meeting
judydeanclasen: look out
judydeanclasen: unknown young woman
judydeanclasen: head in the clouds
judydeanclasen: 2 of 3. Gehry building: Düsseldorf Medium Harbour.