dcstep: Osprey Hovers Over A Potential Prey-fish
dcstep: Splash Down
dcstep: Osprey Dives Head-first For Fish
dcstep: Osprey Surfaces After Diving Underwater For Fish
dcstep: Osprey Fishing
dcstep: No, Mr. Squirrel, I Will Not Feed You
dcstep: Emerald Eyes
dcstep: Bald Eagle Catches Fish - In SNOW!
dcstep: Great Blue Heron Fishing In Snow Shower
dcstep: Deer In Snow
dcstep: Female Hairy Woodpecker Pecks Away Bark
dcstep: Momma Bison Nuzzles Her Adorble New Calf
dcstep: Where The Buffalo Roam
dcstep: Bison Nursery
dcstep: Mother With Child
dcstep: Heron Touches Water With Wing
dcstep: Fishing At Pella Crossing park, in from of Mt. Meeker and Long's Peak
dcstep: American White Pelican At St. Vrain State Park, Colorado
dcstep: Black Squirrel In Longmont City Park
dcstep: Pelican And Reflection
dcstep: American Wigeon - Hen
dcstep: American Wigeon - Drake
dcstep: WATCH OUT!!!
dcstep: DSC09879DxO
dcstep: Wing Touches Water
dcstep: DSC09279DxO
dcstep: DSC09231DxO
dcstep: DSC09175DxO
dcstep: Eagle In Front of Frozen Waterfall
dcstep: DSC09012DxO