David Neely: Nils Jiptner is very happy with his Valley Arts guitar and the EMG overhaul and personalization that I just finished. Some really great variations right at your fingertips.
David Neely: neelyguitars.com
David Neely: I just finished the upgrades and corrections to this Les Paul Signature Bass....refret, electronics, frozen truss rod, new bridge and tuners....transformation. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: I’ve been doing a lot of work on this Gibson Les Paul Signature Bass lately and I’m just about finished. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: IMG_1616
David Neely: This extreme mod was done out of frustration with tuning but the problem is actually at the nut. Now I need to refret, do a nut correction, and lower the action.
David Neely: Artist, Painter, and Sculptor, Reza Mellat admittingly doesn't play the guitar but he's infatuated with them. He built this out of barn wood and I put the Strat neck on it for him. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: One of my new clients is really pissed off. His drunken roommate managed to sit on his guitar. Not to worry, I’ve ordered a new neck and everything will be fine.
David Neely: The amazing Brandon Ferguson checking out his Strat after corrections and a proper setup.
David Neely: I'm crazy about this 1964 Fender MusicMaster...one pickup, one volume, one tone, short scale, and flatwound strings.
David Neely: This shot of Mt. Fuji was taken from my seat on the train leaving Kyoto for Tokyo, Japan
David Neely: Here's that Gibson Trini Lopez that was destroyed in shipping and the headstock was broken off.....good as new. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Longtime client and friend David Lee Smith from the tv show NCIS is checking out his guitar I restored....soon to be a gift to a girlfriend. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Another headstock repair but I didn't want to lose the decal....and I didn't. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Stuart Ziff called with an emergency. He had dropped his badass new 335 and was so afraid it might be beyond repair. He immediately came over and had me sort it all out. If you ever want to see a fabulous R&B band, go see War.
David Neely: Some of my new clients are quite young and extremely good guitarists....Kyle Taylor being one of them. Here's Kyle with his new Strat after corrections. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: “Ain’t No Sunshine” Bill Withers is back with his wife Marsha dropping off 2 guitars. Bill has a hard time making it up my stairs these days. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Okay, after doing hundreds of broken headstock repairs over the years, I figured it out....the tuners need to go somewhere else.
David Neely: Longtime friend and client Ethan Allen is back with another fabulous Gretsch Guitar....The Country Gentleman. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: From my shop window on Sunset Blvd. What a beautiful restoration this is. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Growing up in Nashville with Gretsch Guitars was a real honor....this of course being a Gretsch Nashville model. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: A new neighbor's dog got loose and walked past my house alone. We tried to catch him but he was having too much fun. Finally, Jose and I got him by the collar and called the number on his tag. The owner, on the right was there in minutes and Harley, the d
David Neely: Dogs are so much smarter, friendlier, natural, and humane than people....what happened to us....Merry Christmas to all. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: I'm trying to stand tall to 6'4" Ed Quinn while he's in the shop to pick up his Gibson Explorer Baritone and Les Paul. Ed's new tv show "The Oval" is a riot! neelyguitars.com
David Neely: The fabulous Grady DiPietro is back this time with his Strat for pickups, leather pickguard, and overall corrections. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: This 1967 Vox Invader with the far out pedal effects built in, was quite a novelty. The whole Vox line of guitars and amps were very popular in the mid '60s. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Another recent restoration....this time a 1928 Martin 00-28. Lots of work on the bracing, cleats, the bridge plate, frets, and cracks. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: I’ve just finished the restoration on this 1919 Martin 0-45. It needed a lot of fretwork, interior bracing, bridge, and crack repairs but came out great. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: The wonderful and outrageous Janet Robin enjoying her 1994 Taylor after a few mods to give her guitars more tone and output. neelyguitars.com