David Neely: Longtime friend and client David Levy going over his Grosh Strat after getting it back in shape and ready for summer touring. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: No words for how great Paul McCartney was last night at Dodger Stadium.....just amazing and with Ringo over his shoulder.
David Neely: Longtime client and designer Justin Harris with Legator Guitars picking up his Legator Ghost after I corrected some production issues. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: I was commissioned to refret and restore this 1959 Fender Stratocaster....the real deal. It has all the signs of a great guitar that was enjoyed to the max. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Big Dave Baker in the shop with his 2005 Taylor for the upgrade to the new Taylor ES2 pickup system. Dave does a lot of shows around town and needs a quality Acoustic/Electric. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: I just finished the Custom Paint and Fretwork on this Les Paul for Ken Brisley. It's been thru so much trauma over the years but now it has all come together. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Over the years, I’ve revamped most of Andrew Stein’s collection. But for this Les Pau, he asked me to install the new Fishman Fluence Active System.....he seems to be enjoying my work!
David Neely: I've just finished the restoration on this very wonderful 1987 Gibson Johnny Smith. This is the guitar that had the extreme corrosion, the faulty pickup, and finish issues. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: This 1976 Gibson Les Paul was already a pretty nice guitar but it had those terrible Baby Humbuckers in it. I like it even more with these Duncan P-90s.
David Neely: I don’t think I’ve ever seen corrosion eat thru shielded cable like this before. Possible water intoxification, galvanic reaction, metallic electrolysis, inductive inactivity, or just plain selective physics.....I'm on it. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Now that he's back in Los Angeles, here's British Actor Stuart Ward enjoying his childhood Acoustic Guitar. One of several guitars I've done for him over the years.
David Neely: Yuri Nikolaev is one of my longtime clients and has a great collection of wonderful guitars. I especially like this PRS after fret work, wiring, and set up. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: In Nashville we loved these big body Gibsons and Gretsches like this Gibson L5....the Byrdland, Barney Kessel, Super 400, Country Gentleman, etc. Now we're known as a Tele town. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Here's Tony Spica checking out his Les Paul Gold Top after a refert and neck repair.
David Neely: One of my newest clients, Wayne Scheuch, enjoying his wonderful Gibson L5 after correction and set up. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: I just finished a restoration on this 1934 National Style O that came into the shop for an upcoming Estate Sale. It's amazing how loud they are. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Scott Pontius had so much trouble with this StetsBar Tele Vibrato. I had to reengineer the whole mechanism, but I got it....nice, neelyguitars.com
David Neely: This Martin Custom Shop 000-12S is one of my favorites, neelyguitars.com
David Neely: This Warbler Custom Guitar came in as a kit guitar and worked out to be quite impressive, neelyguitars.com
David Neely: The amazing Rohan Agorha is back for a few tweaks and mods.....a fabulous guitarist, neelyguitars.com
David Neely: The amazing Shingo Yugi in the shop for repairs to his Yairi Acoustic, neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Frank Dolce back in the shop for another broken headstock repair, neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Daniel Bess enjoying his electronic upgrade to the new Taylor ES 2 system, neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Travis Parker picking up his Martin 000-14 Custom after the once over, neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Here’s one of the new Martin DSS-2018 models with the new 2 way Titanium truss rod and Carbon Fiber bridge plate. Very nice and very light as promised, neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Manny Martinez had a slight finish problem with his Taylor Guitar. I called Matt Wall at Taylor Guitars and arranged a whole new body under warranty....very cool, neelyguitars.com
David Neely: I've been doing the Patterson's Guitars for over 15 years. Here's Latti and sister Breeia on a recent visit, neelyguitars.com
David Neely: A very wonderful 1979 Gibson Citation prototype in perfect condition, neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Dovi Burston with his original childhood guitar after the once over, neelyguitars.com
David Neely: A Complete Restoration. I was so glad to finish this 1968 Gibson SG just in time for my clients 50th birthday. neelyguitars.com.