David Neely: I just finished the mods to this Gibson Les Paul Junior for Peter Spirer with beautiful mosaic tile artwork by his sister. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: While I was with Rick at Turner Guitars, I played this prototype EL-1 and he gave me permission to publish this photo. He'll have 3 or 4 of these at NAMM 2020 in January. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: I'm here in Santa Cruz with longtime friend Rick Turner to catch up on a few things. Rick and I have worked together for the past 30 years and it's always been a party! neelyguitars.com
David Neely: In the Duncan factory with M.J. at her workbench.
David Neely: I've just arrived in Santa Barbara for my appointment tomorrow with Seymour Duncan. I’ve known Seymour since 1968 in Nashville.
David Neely: There's a great story behind this 1973 Mosrite. The owner needed money and sold it 20 years ago, then recently went back to the same store and bought it back....still hanging on the wall....all by chance. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Last night at Yamashiro for dinner then enjoying this amazing and very tight jazz trio... a great bunch of guys. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: One of my newest clients, friend, and neighbor Ofer Halimi dropped by my place and tried out my favorite Martin 000-28EC....a fabulous Guitarist. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Sean Scanlon enjoying his Les Paul after I corrected the taps on his pickups and set the guitar properly. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Ofer Halimi is back...this time with his 1964 Strat for corrections and a proper setup. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Longtime friend and client Brad Lippincott, enjoying his newly purchased Strat after the once over. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: I finally had some time to work on my Neely Guitars Apache...new pickups, wiring, etc. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Joe Knaggs makes great guitars and I've had many of their endorsed artists sent to me for various repairs and setups recently. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Last night at Barone's with my good friend and client Joe Bonamassa and his Snakebite 1959 Les Paul.
David Neely: Sean Scanlon's Les Paul with a new Bigsby and Vibro Mate upgrades.....some very good Bigsby additions. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: James Mulvey likes to experiment with electronic mods to his already component heavy Les Paul. Here's the latest run of mods....everything except knobs. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Another new client and one of my neighbors Ofer Halimi in to begin an overhaul of his collection. Here he is with his Gold Top Les Paul....a great Guitarist. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Here's Cat Stevens picking up her Strat after a much needed overhaul and proper set up. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: One of my newest clients David Wang enjoying his Les Paul after corrections and proper set up. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Last night with The Stones at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Jagger is still The Greatest!
David Neely: I just finished a complete restoration on this 1966 Fender Mustang for Stevie Laux....matching the color, restoring the electronics, the whole once over. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Angela Gomba enjoying her newly reset Les Paul. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Gibson always had an affinity for plastic, even plastic bridges. On this ES-120T it actually worked out pretty well. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Here's Matt McLoughlin picking up his LP Special after a broken headstock repair and electronics correction. He brought in his laptop, interface, and headphones to try it out. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Gibson Super-200. I buffed out some slight finish damage and played it a bit. This is a fabulous guitar very rich in tone and.... LOUD! neelyguitars.com
David Neely: My good friend, client, and firefighter Manny Martinez is back for corrections on his Les Paul. The pickups were never phased correctly and the guitar was just not friendly until now. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Here's multi-talented Rob Laufer with his favorite Martin. After the neck reset, crack repairs, and new tuners it's better than ever. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: I've just finished re-creating the original wiring on this very rare 1959 Hofner Club 40, one of only 200 ever built. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: Ross Grant is back in town for more maintenance, then back on tour......a fabulous guitarist. neelyguitars.com
David Neely: After a broken headstock repair and an additional Floyd Rose Vibrato installation, this Les Paul is ready for anything. neelyguitars,com