daviddb: Looking from Renny Slip towards Skokholm.
daviddb: GS at the Social Club
daviddb: Dennis-smenish.
daviddb: Gateholm island after Storm Dennis
daviddb: A walk to the Deer Park this afternoon.
daviddb: Storm Dennis
daviddb: No rest for the wicked...
daviddb: Relaxed man...
daviddb: A nephew cooks duck...
daviddb: Room with a view
daviddb: Selfie photobombed
daviddb: Those plucky Belgians...
daviddb: Fellow walkers on the coast path
daviddb: St Brides Bay
daviddb: Cherry pickers on steroids
daviddb: Nags on Nab Head, Pembrokeshire
daviddb: Nab Head, Pembrokeshire
daviddb: St Brides low tide
daviddb: The Bagel of St Brides
daviddb: Lego too big to get in the back of a Skoda Superb
daviddb: The launch Cunjic out for a thrash off Pembroke Dock yesterday
daviddb: Pembroke Dock this morning
daviddb: St Govans chapel
daviddb: Druidstone and Nolton Haven
daviddb: Why the long face....
daviddb: Stumpy friends
daviddb: Home in time for tea
daviddb: " force without control is nothing"
daviddb: Millefeuille
daviddb: John Waddington of London AND Leeds...