daviddb: Whizz-bangs
daviddb: I think I know what i want for Christmas
daviddb: Marina Morris Minor
daviddb: Probably too late for a dash of Hammerite
daviddb: From the posh end of London
daviddb: Harmless whizz-bangs
daviddb: Condensation in the magazine
daviddb: Shadow-work
daviddb: The nicest Daimler of all?
daviddb: Exports to Pakistan
daviddb: Shadowmen
daviddb: Mr Chunk colour co-ordinates...
daviddb: A British torpedo fuze
daviddb: Whizz-bang
daviddb: Life would be so much easier with one of these
daviddb: A long line of crows
daviddb: Evening all....
daviddb: Bug eyed Quatrelle
daviddb: Dog in a breeze
daviddb: Fiendish cunningness
daviddb: Now that would make one jump....
daviddb: Anxious dog waits....
daviddb: Now listen here young fellah me lad
daviddb: Making the most of a lock's worth of water
daviddb: Opel Manta GTE
daviddb: Beached
daviddb: Gull passing
daviddb: Looking for a man with a scythe...
daviddb: A breezy Freshwater West
daviddb: Man steps in front of Mini