JusDaFax: Delicate Sculpture
JusDaFax: Pier Review
JusDaFax: Tree of Life
JusDaFax: Sun Breaks on the Desert
JusDaFax: Hunts Mesa by Moonlight
JusDaFax: A Wet Fall Morning
JusDaFax: Christine Falls lower
JusDaFax: Sunflower-Chaos
JusDaFax: White Pocket
JusDaFax: Autumn in the Bayou
JusDaFax: Emerging from the Fog
JusDaFax: Compass of the Wind
JusDaFax: Church of the Stars
JusDaFax: Snowy Range Trees and the Milky Way
JusDaFax: Snowy Range in the morning
JusDaFax: Amazing Utah Landscapes
JusDaFax: Kirkjufell Sunrise
JusDaFax: Wild Thing
JusDaFax: Alien Sunrise
JusDaFax: Valley View
JusDaFax: Lava Tube
JusDaFax: Sunrise over the Haleakala Crater
JusDaFax: Romantic Maui Sunset
JusDaFax: Magical Evening at the Barn
JusDaFax: Sunset in Utah
JusDaFax: Fall Reflection
JusDaFax: Summer Alpenglow
JusDaFax: Sunflowers, The Old Barn and a Beautiful Sunset
JusDaFax: Milky Way over Monument Valley - Taken in 2016 just minutes before dawn. This was an amazing trip.
JusDaFax: Summer's Glory