Davescunningplan: Fjord view
Davescunningplan: Avalanche
Davescunningplan: Tail lights
Davescunningplan: Lantern festival queen
Davescunningplan: Harrier lantern
Davescunningplan: View of Birdy Brow
Davescunningplan: Frosty walk
Davescunningplan: The rough with the smooth
Davescunningplan: Seaside sunset
Davescunningplan: Blackpool beach girls
Davescunningplan: Santa Special Train
Davescunningplan: Stonyhurst wide angle
Davescunningplan: First snow on Pendle
Davescunningplan: Cathedral quadrangle
Davescunningplan: Little Egret
Davescunningplan: Puddle party
Davescunningplan: Girona street life
Davescunningplan: Cathedral shadows
Davescunningplan: Girona panorama
Davescunningplan: Dali eggs
Davescunningplan: Dali lips
Davescunningplan: Dali ceiling backdrop for a selfie..
Davescunningplan: Dali exhibition
Davescunningplan: Cathedral from the city walls
Davescunningplan: Contemplation