Davescunningplan: Owl sculpture
Davescunningplan: Car park puddle diamond
Davescunningplan: Autumn puddle reflection
Davescunningplan: Lunchtime
Davescunningplan: Majestic eagle
Davescunningplan: Sea eagle with fish
Davescunningplan: Female sea eagle
Davescunningplan: Port na ba beach, Mull
Davescunningplan: Feeding Butterfly
Davescunningplan: Sunflower
Davescunningplan: York Minster view
Davescunningplan: York Minster
Davescunningplan: Path of righteousness
Davescunningplan: Lavender bee
Davescunningplan: Wildflowers
Davescunningplan: Valley Gardens Art
Davescunningplan: Delamere reflections
Davescunningplan: Mellow yellow
Davescunningplan: Bee on Orange Buddleia
Davescunningplan: Spider macro
Davescunningplan: Filly foal