gcampbellphoto: Taking it Easy - European Otter (Lutra lutra)
Jerry Nicholls: Searching
0ystercatcher: White-faced Heron
Copout2019: Puffin landing-
DavidAlan48: Sedge Warbler
gashuffer: Sedge Warbler (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus)
Copout2019: In for the Kill!
capribluegenie: IMG_1183
Copout2019: Barn Owl
Copout2019: Short-eared Owl
Turk Images: Great Gray Owl
DonHamiltonPhotos.com: A good Morning indeed
Copout2019: Siskin
winnu: IMG_9509-004ss
Raymond J Barlow: Northern Red Bishop - Africa!
Michael Cummings: Great Gray Owl
Mandy West: Greylags at sunset
Copout2019: Life in the Reeds