Melissen-Ghost: 高田馬場 Takada-no-baba
agianelo: US Hawk
Melissen-Ghost: ikebukuro 池袋
KeithJ: Gas Pumps
nlwirth: Helen Putnam Regional Park
Karl_Reif: Series "Exploring Ruhrgebiet"
Karl_Reif: Series "Exploring Ruhrgebiet"
ainz1607: What goes in must come out.
MKHardyPhotography: Bognor Regis Promenade Sunrise
José Luis Cosme Giral: Dogs in Saqqara. Cairo. 2002
José Luis Cosme Giral: Stones... in Giza. Cairo. 2002
Rick Olsen: Warning
Armin Fuchs: diagonal composition with shadows
jolynne_martinez: Twirl 5
José Luis Cosme Giral: Lights... Pamplona.
José Luis Cosme Giral: Corner. Villava.
Vesa Pihanurmi: Phantom of Opera
J C Mills Photography: Electric Avenue
J C Mills Photography: Winter's Oak
ulf_finndahl: Yellow line
Mark Fearnley Photography: Shot in a cinema in Tokyo
koen_jacobs: at the bridge