Davebfc69: The sparrow hawk stare
Davebfc69: Sparrow hawk with a kill
Davebfc69: Barn owl
Davebfc69: Hare
Davebfc69: Female house sparrow having a late lunch
Davebfc69: Young buck
Davebfc69: 4-30am start. Definitely worth it
Davebfc69: Young buck
Davebfc69: Supper aqq’d
Davebfc69: Young Stag looking for his Mrs
Davebfc69: Female kestrel on the hunt
Davebfc69: Short eared owl taking off
Davebfc69: Short eared owl on a miserable rainy evening
Davebfc69: Barn owl
Davebfc69: Short eared owl in the late evening
Davebfc69: Barney with breakfast
Davebfc69: Skylark
Davebfc69: Female Stonechat
Davebfc69: Posing Robin
Davebfc69: Starling in the late afternoon sun
Davebfc69: Little owl catching some sun
Davebfc69: Early morning Barney on the hunt for breakfast
Davebfc69: Stonechat
Davebfc69: Sunny Salzburg
Davebfc69: Skylark
Davebfc69: I’m off
Davebfc69: Male kestrel with dinner
Davebfc69: Greater spotted woodpecker
Davebfc69: Greater spotted woodpecker is a recent visitor to our garden 😁. Not the clearest shot as it was taken through the window , but super happy to see it