danielnotnow1: Early morning still life.
danielnotnow1: The heart and soul of the machine (old forklift)
danielnotnow1: Where the crab nets live.
danielnotnow1: Sunset at Avila Beach
danielnotnow1: Strolling and styling along Front St.
danielnotnow1: The backlit branch.
danielnotnow1: Lake habitué. With always a smile and a joke for everyone he sees.
danielnotnow1: Sunset fishing at the lake.
danielnotnow1: That feeling when you were off playing with the neighborhood kids all day and evening comes and you are tired and hungry and come home only to find the gate closed!
danielnotnow1: Golden hour gothic.
danielnotnow1: Found art.
danielnotnow1: 2020 or 1967? (i walked this path in both years)
danielnotnow1: From personal experience I’d say “middle-age guys rule” is more accurate.
danielnotnow1: Champs.
danielnotnow1: A racing buddy of mine got a new ride.
danielnotnow1: Enjoying the lake view and mid morning shade.
danielnotnow1: Window dressing 2.
danielnotnow1: Window dressing 1.
danielnotnow1: Beach flirting COVID-19 style.
danielnotnow1: Hiking the Bob Jones Expressway.
danielnotnow1: Rare tree turtles.
danielnotnow1: Enjoying Morro Bay at sunset.
danielnotnow1: Sydney Page all tarted up.
danielnotnow1: Oyster shells all the way down.
danielnotnow1: Early morning light.
danielnotnow1: It’s a Grand Old Flag, but I don’t think waving it will make the coronavirus disappear.
danielnotnow1: Reflecting on sunset over Morro Bay.