kris__q: Blue sky
Tanja Blind: Schwanzmeise
Flowerikka B: Winter silence in the forest
Iain Leach: Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris
Onascht: Cruiscenter Altona
Rich Mayer Photography: SEOinFlight2Dsmaller (2)
willblakeymilner: Dark Thoughts II
Antony Ward: Mist and Frost
Antony Ward: Frosty morning (with straw bales!)
MDJL Landscapes: Winter Arrives In Padley Gorge IV
calderdalefoto: Branches II
calderdalefoto: Warm vs Cold
calderdalefoto: Light & Shade
calderdalefoto: Frosty Corner
andrew.knowles25: Essence of a tree
BogdanPuiu: Winter waves
judith.kuhn: winter on Lake Constance
optimalfocusphotography: Burnt Oaks, Yosemite Valley (Explored)
Laura Jacobsen: Quiraing
Ody on the mount: Winter Silence...
nigelnorthwood64: Odd one out
agibbsphoto: River Brathay Helm Crag and Beyond from Steel Fell
MDJL Landscapes: Winter Arrives In Padley Gorge #2
calderdalefoto: Branches
Edd Allen: Rime
marianna armata: and suddenly it's winter