crowt59: San Jose Cemetery
crowt59: Texas 66
crowt59: Historic Route 66
crowt59: New Mexico in the Sunset
crowt59: Tucumcari Towing
crowt59: Conflicted
crowt59: Evening Light
crowt59: Companions
crowt59: 66 Diner
crowt59: Glorious Abandon
crowt59: An acre of sunsets
crowt59: Route 66 Pano
crowt59: Ghost Pool
crowt59: Cadillac Ranch
crowt59: San Miguel Del Vado Church Door
crowt59: Chop Chow
crowt59: Route 66 Mural
crowt59: Route 66 in Vinita
crowt59: Hiding in the woods
crowt59: Why stoop when you can fly
crowt59: Chelsea Motel
crowt59: Roadside Tree
crowt59: Melancholy
crowt59: Future meets Past
crowt59: Retired on Route 66
crowt59: Milk can in abandoned part of town
crowt59: We used to play
crowt59: Hurry up Sun
crowt59: Drive-by Tree