crowt59: Hiding in the woods
crowt59: Route 66 in Vinita
crowt59: Happy Thanksgiving
crowt59: Route 66 Mural
crowt59: Chop Chow
crowt59: Ghost Riders
crowt59: Amarillo Longhorn Silos
crowt59: San Miguel Del Vado Church Door
crowt59: Cadillac Ranch
crowt59: This Old House
crowt59: Mammoth Springs
crowt59: Misión San Antonio de Valero
crowt59: In or Out
crowt59: Yellowstone River Reflection
crowt59: Ghost Pool
crowt59: Solitude
crowt59: Old School
crowt59: Route 66 Pano
crowt59: Isolated Tree
crowt59: They'll do anything to blend in
crowt59: Janus
crowt59: Bettatude
crowt59: Inevitability
crowt59: Flight in Motion
crowt59: Happy Birthday America
crowt59: Butterfly
crowt59: An acre of sunsets
crowt59: New Neighbors
crowt59: Bay Boats
crowt59: All I need is one brick to call home