crowt59: Princess
crowt59: Friendly Horses
crowt59: Horse
crowt59: Sheep at the watering hole in Oregon
crowt59: Texas Longhorn
crowt59: Fair Park Fountain Deco
crowt59: Pegasus (Mobil gas station)
crowt59: Still Flying over Dallas
crowt59: Pegasus In the Red Court House
crowt59: Cattle Drive Dallas, Texas
crowt59: Texas Land and Cattle Mural
crowt59: Greyhound
crowt59: Mural by Fountain Place
crowt59: Bull Fight
crowt59: Iron Bull
crowt59: Brown Beauty
crowt59: Pink Flamingos
crowt59: Gull on the Wharf, Santa Cruz
crowt59: The Gathering
crowt59: Flight
crowt59: Texas Longhorn
crowt59: Cow staring down a fence post
crowt59: Longhorn
crowt59: Egret
crowt59: Mad Cow (HDR)
crowt59: Horse
crowt59: The Birds
crowt59: Horse
crowt59: Longhorn
crowt59: Longhorn