crosti: I'll take care of you*
crosti: Never Afraid.
crosti: cover illustration for Friend Of Gods new upcoming album <3
crosti: new gig poster Lorelle Meets the Obsolete & Cruel Αnagrams
crosti: the longing
crosti: doodle illustration for Spirtokouto
crosti: christening invitation for a baby boy who loves music
crosti: new book out illustrated by yours truly
crosti: poster for Weirdfishes Radio party at Σπιρτόκουτο
crosti: SPACE PIZZA CAT. for Σπιρτόκουτο
crosti: a spooky halloween special, made for Σπιρτόκουτο bar
crosti: Lola and cat in Mons
crosti: scatterbrain
crosti: slowly taking over my world
crosti: subway stories / take it with a grain of salt
crosti: the things we lost in the fire
crosti: party illustration
crosti: Friend Of Gods. Mad Music For The Apes.
crosti: sebastiano and family
crosti: Vapors of Morphine gig poster
crosti: i'm not from around here
crosti: sprtkt poster
crosti: filament gig poster
crosti: athens voice cover
crosti: The Power Cords-Stray Comets
crosti: uh huh...huh?
crosti: trouble with dreams*
crosti: hope
crosti: goodbye Muffy
crosti: gig poster #2 for Elephant Stone