soitma: sweet pea
Humberto Terenziani: Uva joven
Edmond Valerio: Just Hold On!
Siuloon: Green sixteenth
d o l f i: Forest
bjrn_c: Among Gnomes and Trolls
Lutra77: Autumn in Laughton.
germanesse: il rumore del silenzio
old 41: _MG_3985 Pink Rose
saparmo: Margaritas primaverales
Jose Rahona: ... With scarves better !!
zgrial: Smile on Saturday :)
Roland S.: Group
blueachilles: A town on a tree trunk
nic.vortherms: Warm Embrace
saparmo: Un broche antiguo
Steve Wedgwood: Cello. Carving. A Smile on Saturday!
bonnaudthomas: Sacré point de vue
Bea teDo: Schnitzerei mit Intarsien / Carvings with inlays
photos4dreams: the wooden magic box
Wallimis: Buffet sculpté
VM~27: Plafond Escalier Monastère de San Sebastian de los Reyes - ES45 TOLEDO
simonpfotos: Sand sculpture
Hetwie: carved artpieces
Karmen.m.: "Smile on Saturday" "Carved artpieces"